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Originally conceived back in 2010, Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) was formulated on the idea to bring the initial education and shooting experience of firing a firearm for the first time to the invoice, women, and young adults who may have never held or fired a weapon. We focus on the fundamentals of firearm safety and awareness in accordance with NRA standards and guidelines by incorporating qualified NRA Instructors as needed.
This experience is achieved in a relax, non-intimidating, stress free, educational one on one enviroment for the sense of enjoyment and education. We take the client from the initial experience of what a firearm is, how to handle it and basic shooting all the while creating an established base of confidence with a firearm for continued more advance training and self-protection applications.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Supports U.S. Department of State and The Miami Dade Police Department In The Training Of Guatemalan Special Forces / National Police Part 4 of 4

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Supports U.S. Department of State and The Miami Dade Police Department In The Training Of Guatemalan Special Forces / National Police Part 3 of 4

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Supports U.S. Department of State and The Miami Dade Police Department In The Training Of Guatemalan Special Forces / National Police Part 2 of 4

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Supports U.S. Department of State and The Miami Dade Police Department In The Training Of Guatemalan Special Forces / National Police Part 1 of 4

ES2 Founder Benny Benitez kicking off the "Aircraft Technical to Tactical" course in Spanish for the members of the Guatemalan Special Forces / National Police team who came to Miami, Florida for training via a U.S. State Department mandate in conjunction with the Miami-Dade Police Department

Miami, Florida 15th August 2014:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Presents Two Colorful Options Toward You Next, American Made, Inxpensively Made Gun

Shown is the Cobra Arms FS380TKB-(Tan) chambered in .380 acp 
The is an inexpensive, American made gun and a prefect
"gateway gun" for someone to start with.We understand that it comes
with a lifetime warranty from Cobra Arm

Shown is the Ohio made Hi-Point, single stack, nine rounds, chambered in 45acp. This is the only version of a Hi-Point product that comes in this shade of "Hulk" green

Miami, Florida 5th July 2014: Black, steel grey and silver, gone are the days of the average and common known colors of hand guns. With the advent of modern manufacturing powder coating and finishing techniques allows gun manufactures like Cobra Arms and Hi-Point to bring different and fresh look to hand held firearms. It should be noted that Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) has a "Hulk Green" 45 acp within its collection for their client to shoot and experience and when at the range it always drew the attention of the other shoots for its strange color. Consideration is being give to add the Cobra Arms (Tan) .380 acp to the collection and added to the colorful arrangement of these new guns.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Assist a Local Boy Scout To Earn His Gun & Shooting Merit Badge And Give His Mother Her First Exposure to Hand Guns

Local, Miami, Florida Boy Scout from Troop 862 handles a Glock-17, Gen4, 9mm for the first time. The weapon was loaded with 17 rounds of full metal jacket, 9mm, 115 grain ammunition against a target placed at 7 yards

At 7 yards the intrepid Boy Scout takes comfortably to handing the Glock-17 for the first time and lands all of his hit on the "Dirty Bird" color target placed before him. Also shot, but not shown was the Colt 1911A1 chambered in .22 LR for training with new shooters

Mrs. X holding a Glock-17, Gen4, 9mm semi-automatic pistol for the first time

Taking aim with the Glock-17 a her target based at 7 yards. Being her first time, Mrs. X landed many good grouping of shots within the inner yellow area of the target with a few onto the "green" center dot

Miami, Florida 29th June 2014: In support of our Nation 2nd Amendment, the U.S. Boy Scouts and bringing firearms and firearms safety awareness to many, Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) recently took pleasure in assisting a Miami, Florida Boy Scout from local Troop 862 obtain his shooting / gun scout badge. 
The shooting session took place at the Miami Trail Glades Range a part of the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation. The youngster who never have held or fired a gun experienced the ability to load and fire both a Colt 1911A1, semi automatic pistol chambered in .22 Long Rifle (LR) specifically for training and the more powerful Glock-17 Gen 4, semi automatic pistol. He also received a 45 minute range safety briefing from the range safety officer prior to good onto the firing line. The youngster fired at a "Dirty Bird" target which was placed at 7 yards and did amazingly well in hitting the target with a few good shots onto the "green" dead center area. ES2 also brought the shooting experience to the scout Mother who was present with him and who also had never fired a firearm and found the experience most enjoyable and has indicated to ES2 that she wishes to learn more and obtain a firearm of her own. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) Reports On The Death of Mr. Mikhail Kalashnikov The Designer of The World Famous AK-47 Kalashnikov Rifle

Mikhail Kalashnikov in his mid 20 year of age during the years of the Second World War. Mikhal served in a Russian T-34 tank unit and while recouping in hospital from his wounds received as a result of the great tank battle, the battle of Krusk, Mikhail designed the basic idea for the assault rifle

Kalashnikov first prototype of his idea for an "assault" rifle chambered in caliber (7.62 x 39) smaller than the common infantry rifle for the Russian army of the time, the famed Mosin Nagant in 7.62 x 54R

Mikhail holding his perfected idea of an assault rifle, his world famous AK-47

Comrade Mikhail Kalashnikov in his later years raising a toast with a certain brand of Russian Vodka bottled in a glass rendering in his famous AK-47 design

Miami, Florida 23rd December 2013: Acclaimed a hero of the Soviet Union for creating the most popular assault rifle in history, Mikhail Kalashnikov was the namesake of the AK-47.
Mr. Kalashnikov died in Izhevsk, Russia on Monday at age 94, after a long illness. Mr. Kalashnikov said the automatic rifle was designed "to protect the motherland' after World War II. But the AK-47 and its descendants and knockoffs became mainstays for armies and guerrilla soldiers around the globe. Light, durable, cheap to manufacture and simple to maintain, the rifle creates a deadly spray of bullets chambered in the 7.62 x 39 caliber without much kick.
The design of the Avtomat Kalashnikova-or Kalashnikov's automatic spread widely after its roll out in 1949. It is estimated that 100 million have been produced.
Mr. Kalashnikov said he regretted that is became the weapon of choice for guerrilla armies. "it was like a genie out of the bottle, and it began to walk all on its own and in directions I did not want".
We at Experience Shooting Solutions (ES2) have various example of Mr. Kalashnikov design within our operational-training arsenal consisting of the AK-47, AK-74, the AKU-74 and the Sagia .410 shotgun in an AK-47 design and yes! we do find the AK models a prefer platform to introduce the assault rifle to the new shooter as well as the ease to both operate and maintain it. Well done Mr. Kalashnikov may you rest in peace.